Fully Automatic Linux Installation with Kickstart / What is Kickstart in Linux

What is Kickstart?
The kickstart file used to automatic installation Linux operating system multiple computers using a single file method call kickstart.
The kickstart installation method is used to primarily but not exclusively by the Redhat community system to automatically perform unattended OS installation and configuration.

What is Postfix, How to Install and Configure Postfix Mail Server ?

What is Postfix ?
Postfix is a open source mail transfer agent. Postfix is used to route and deliver mail.

Default port of postfix 25.

There are three type of mail agent used.
    MUA - Mail User Agent
    MTA - Mail Transfer Agent
    MDA - Mail Delivered Agent

Solved | Network error: Software caused connection abort" Winscp error, putty, keepalives

 Network error: Software caused connection abort" Winscp / putty getting
an error. windows 10
To solve network connection abort error follow this step.
1. you need to increase keepalives time or server_response time in WinSCP advance setting
To increase keepalive time go to the WinSCP -your connection - advanced - connections - keepalives time
1. Open WinSCP
2. Then Click the advanced option (below image).