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Top linux basic command for fresher by hostingride

Top 10 Linux Basic command for fresher
1. mkdir (make directory)
mkdir command user to create a directory or folder. we create a directory test name.

Linux basic command for fresher

A command will create a test name directory root path because we are in the root path
2. ls (List)
list command used to list all files and 
 # ls
this command will show you all the files and directory in a particular path.
3. cd (Change Directory)
cd command used for changing 
a one directory to other directory
 # cd test
now we are in 
the test directory.
4. cp (Copy)
cp command used for copy a file or directory both. cp command knows as (copy and past).
# cp test test2
5. mv (Move)
mv command used for rename and move files and directory.
mv command mostly used 
a command in server based. if you want to
backup any file you can move it and other
location or copy as well.
 # mv test.txt test2.txt
# mv  test test2

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6. rm (Remove)
rm command used for remove or delete file and directory as well.
 # rm test

to remove multiple7.
 # rm test test1 test2
files in a single command
pwd (Present Working Directory).
command most common used command. it helps to know where are you right now.
 # cd test
8. touch
touch command to create a blank file. to create a single blank file follow below command.
 # touch test
To create multiple blank 
file with touch command used below command.
 # touch test test1 test2 test3

9. free
A free command used to check the amount of free or used RAM in your system.  follow image for better understand.

Linux basic interview

10. df -h  (Disk Space)
 df command used for checking disk usage in your 
Linux system.

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11. postfix -n
Check all uncomment file in config file. also read what is postfix

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in questing no 7. if you are doing #cd test then #pwd then how it is possible the output is # /test it will show the path not show /test

thanks for visit @veerendra i make a directory test on / path and go cd test then run command pwd result is /test

Many Thanks

most welcome


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