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What is Hosts file in windows?

Answer:- The Hosts file is used to map hostname(domain name) to IP address. Hosts file is a plain text file that contains a list of all hosts name. It is located deep down in the windows folder. To edit or change in this file needs your permission UAC (administrator) permission in windows. In case you logged in with guest user or another user you can’t edit the etc/hosts file and show error as given below.


Hosts file location windows



Where is located Hosts file in Windows 10/8/7

Hosts file location Windows 10:-

Default Location of etc hosts file in windows 10  \etc\hosts


Location of hosts file Windows 8:-


Here you can edit, delete, modify the hosts file with this path.

Location of hosts file windows 7:-

Windows 7 rarely used OS in after windows 8 or window 10. But may user used to window 7 as a server also hosts file to mapping hostname to IP address.

The default path of the host file in window 7  is


To edit in etc hosts file you needs to have administrator permission (UAC).


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