How to point ip address to domain name centos / ubuntu

how to point ip address to domain name |

What is the domain name?
Ans:-  Domain name gives you an identity and easier access 
of your website by typing a name.
my server IP address is and domain name is
so it's easy to access by using

How to point a domain name to ip address?
1.log in into your GoDaddy account.
2. click on my product button.

point domain name to ip address

3. click on a domain name you want to mapping with ip.
4. then click on DNS button

godaddy ip to domain

5. here you can see some record . so click Add button on the right bottom.

mapping ip addrss to domain

add new tab is open now. in this section fill below process.
Type - A
Host -   or @
Point to - hosted server ip address (exm : -
TTL - 1 hour
6. Click on save button.
NOTE: - if your domain and hosting are same service provider it will 
update within 1 hour
             if your domain and hosting are different service provider it will take 24 hour



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