How To Create FTP Account in Cpanel Godaddy

Create FTP account

Create FTP account in Cpanel Godaddy follow the given steps -

1. Login into Cpanel account.

2. Click on Home menu (top left).

3. In the files section. Click on FTP account.


Create FTP account in cpanel


4. Now you can see the login field.



a. Log in = (username) full user of your FTP account always (

b. Type a strong password confirm your password

c. In the directory section default path is /home/i42j6mdxm0x/  edit with /home/i42j6mdxm0x/public_html.

    d. In quota section always select unlimited.


That’s it! Your FTP account created. Now you can use it on WinSCP, Filezilla, etc.



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