How to install RPM package on linux | Centos,Fedora

How to install RPM package

What is RPM?
RPM stands for Redhat Package Manager. RPM is a popular and open source package management utility for Redhat community (Redhat/centos/fedora)

To install .rpm package on Redhat or Centos system we are using below command.

# rpm -ivh package_name-1.2.rpm

{ i = install a package. }
{ v = verbose for nice display. }
{ h = print hash marks as the package archive is unpacked}

Here we trying to install apache server (package name is httpd-2.3.rpm).

# rpm -ivh httpd-2.3.rpm

To install the RPM Package without dependencies use below command.

# rpm -ivh --nodeps package_name

To remove the package with rpm command use following command.

# rpm -e package_name


# rpm -evv package_name

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