How To Setup Free CloudFlare CDN For Your Website

How To Setup Free CloudFlare

In this article, I want to show you how you can setup your domain on Cloudflare.

What is CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a content distribution network that mainly helps to speed up your website.
Cloudflare also offers a lot of other additional features.

How to setup domain on CloudFlare?
We suppose you have already registered you
if not you need to do this first domain with your preferred domain name registrar. personally, I use to register my domain, they offer a great plans and cheap prices.

Click Here to Buy Domain Name or hosting. If you don't have an account with CloudFlare simply Click  SignIN
Now Once your Domain registered just go to signup first and Once you have registered or login on Cloudflare you have a cloudflareyour website. you can either enter a single website or a list of websites separated a link Add Sites click on it and you will come to a form where you enter the name of
the dashboard in the right corner you will find by
. then click on begin the scan.

and the one with
however, you want to check that all the setting represent what you need important are two different icons the one with a gray cloud
or a domain name server setting. you can make changes to these if necessary usually they are fine.
necessary information. Once it is done simply click on continue setup next screen will give an overview of all your DNS
It will take a moment for CloudFlare to scan your domain name and find all the

orange cloud.
Gray cloud: - Which means this traffic will
by pass Cloudflare and go directly to your hosting account. this will be applied to most
of your DNS entries, the orange icon indicates traffic that will go through the cloud flan CDN typically is set for your domain name.
Once you have verified everything clicks the continue button below.
you will be asked to choose a plan for your website. obviously, the business web site is pre-selected.
you should go on
free plan just click free website to change it and the hit continues button. Cloudflare will now give a new pair of the name server
that you need to enter in your registrar's name server setting, so it's a good idea to copy this nameserver.
and first login you domain registrar's Bluehost, GoDaddy, whatever.
go to the domain list choose the domain you have just
setup and Cloudflare. click on manage button
to see the domain details. there is name server section (DNS setup) make sure custom DNS selected the name server
are shown in the list are the once that are currently in use. you need to change those to the once you were given in the Cloudflare for your setup.
after setup is given by Cloudflare. it might now entries it might now take up to 24 hours for changes to be effective although it's often faster you don't need
to worry about down times as the traffic will roll smoothly from using the old name server to the new 
, we need to go back to Cloudflare now and finish our setup
there, simply click continue button on the screen with a list of new name servers and you will come to the domain name overview in most
 cases the status will be pending as Cloudflare could not verify the new name service yet. It might take up to 24 hours to process the changes. Never the less you can force
Cloudflare to check again with clicking on the recheck name service button this can be done only once per hour through so it's best just to wait and come back later that the status
is shown as active.

Once the status is active all traffic goes in the Cloudflare.

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