How to Install and Configure Git on Centos 7

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What is Git?

Git is commonly used for source code management. Git is one of the most popular tools used as a distributed VCS (version control system).

Step 1:- Simply run yum update command given below.

# sudo yum update

Step 2:- Install git with YUM

The best way to install any package also git using YUM (yellow update manager).

This is the fasted way to install any package in centos 7.

Simply type below command to install Git using Yum.

# sudo yum install git

After running this command you will have install successfully git.

Step 3:- To check Git correctly install with this command.

# git --version
git version 2.7.5


Now Configure Git on Centos with username or Domain name.

Simply type following commands.

# sudo git config --global "Your Name"
# sudo git config --global ""

U can also check git configuration with the following command.

# sudo git config --list
Output:- Your Name



You have git installed and ready to use on your Centos system
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