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web hosting interview questions

Top 10+ interview questions for freshar in web hosting company

1. What is Web Hosting ?

  - Web hosting is a service that allow you to post a Website (Webpage) on the internet.

    A web hosting website are hosted or stored on a computer called server.


2. What is LinuxHosting ?

-   Linux is a Unix-Like operating system provided as a free or open source. This is why

    Linux Hosting is most preferred web hosting. You maybe be interested to knowing

    that, more then 80% of the servers in the world are running using linux platform.


3. What is Shared Hosting ?

-  Shared hosting is one of thr most common and popular forms of web hosting services

   Shared hosting also known as virtual hosting as it provides the services to host the file

   on thr web or internet.This hosting is good for beginners or startups as it have the cost

   of the server maintenance cheap.


4. Why Choose Dedicated Hosting/Server ?

- A Dedicated Hosting is a hosting configration in which a server is devoted to a singal

organisation.Dedicated server cost is high compare to other hosting but this more reliable.

Because bussniss can easily change server configrations or add new softwares and

adjust resources to meet their needs. Some companys offer fully managed dedicated

server that are optimized for performance and security and support by experts team 24*7.

    Advantage of dedicated hosting:-

  • More reliability compared to other hosting.    

  • A unique or dedicated IP addess.

  • Most important part is security that can be customized according to a client needs.  


5. What do u mean by Domain ?

- In simple way A domain name is your website name. Domain gives you a identity and

easier access of your website by typing the name Any name registered in the DNS is a domain



6.What is DNS ?

DNS (DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM) provide the clients with the appropriate IP address to the

domain name. In simple way dns is used to transfer ip to name(domain) or name to ip(server).

When you request a website with it’s domain name, first it goes to DNS.

Example:- transfer into 

How DNS work and How to point ip address to domain name


7.Explain different type of hosting.

  • free hosting

  • Shared hosting (Virtual hosting)

  • VPS hosting

  • Dedicated hosting

  • Cloud hosting.


8. What is difference between CPANEL or WHM ?

Cpanel:- (Control Panel) is a web hosting panel. It provides an automation tool and graphical

interface designed to simplify the web hosting process. cPanel is basically a web-based hosting

control panel, it is provided by many web hosting organization.

  • Easy installer

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to use

  • Save time

Common Modules in Cpanel:-

  • Backup Wizard

  • Directory Privacy

  • Disk Usage

  • File Manager

  • FTP Accounts

  • FTP Connections

  • Images

  • Web Disk

  • User Manager


WHM :- (Web Host Manager) WHM is for reseller. This is for hosting companies purpose.

Using WHM you can install Cpanel and allocate spaces to the user account. This is combination

of one or more cpanel.


9. What is WHCMS ?

WHCMS is a billing solution for your web hosting services. Where you can manage all your

Domains, products, orders, clients, and payments.


10. Meaning of IMAP or POP3 ?

- IMAP:- Internet Message Access Protocol.

  POP3:- Post Office Protocol


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