TOP 20 AWS Interview Questions and Answer.

TOP 20 AWS Interview Questions and Answer


1. What is AWS?
Answer :
 AWS full form (amazon web services). AWS is a secure cloud services platform offering compute, database, storage, content delivery and many other functionality to help business grow up.
AWS is fully on-demand.
AWS is Flexibility, availability
 and Scalability.

2. What are the types of load balancer in EC2?
Answer :- There are 3 types of load balancers in ec2
                 1. Application Load Balancer.
                 2. Network Load Balancer.
                 3. Classic Load Balancer.
3. What is the maximum size of messages
inSQS ?
Answer :- Maximum size of messages in SQS is 256KB.

4. What is subnet mask ?
Answer :- A large section of IP Address. It’s dividing a single network into two or more networks (small network) is called subnetting.

5. How many deployment models using in Cloud?
Answer :- There are 4 type of modules using in cloud.
        1. Private Cloud
        2. Public Cloud
        3. Hybrid cloud
        4. Community cloud 4

6. What are the advantage of Cloud Computing(AWS) ?
Answer: There are fewadvantage of cloud computing.
         1. Pay per use
         2. Scalability
         3. Elasticity
         4. High Availability
         5. Increase speed and Agility
         6. Go global in Minutes.

7. What are the type of cloud computing module ?
Answer:-    1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS
                 2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
                 3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

8. What is EC2? What are the benefits in EC2?
Answer :- EC2 full form is Elastic compute cloud. ec2 is a web service that provides resizable, secure compute capacity in the cloud. EC2 provides scalable computing capacity in the Cloud. use the instance (PPU) pay per use basis.
       1. Easier and Faster
       2. Elastic and Scalable
       3. High Availability
       4. Cost-Effective

How to increase aws instance disk space

9. What is Elastic Beanstalk?
Answer :- Elastic Beanstalk is service of AWS . EB is the simplest and fastest way to get application up and running on amazon web services. Developers can easily upload code and the service automatically handle by default all the details such as resources provisioning, load balancer, Auto scaling and Monitoring.
10. What
are the advantage of EFS?
Answer: Advantage of Encrypting File System.

        1. Fully managed service
        2. Secure
        3. File system grows and shrinks automatically to petabytes
        4. Can support thousands of concurrent connections
        5. Throughput scales automatically to ensure consistent low latency

10. What is full form of EBS?
Answer :- EBS full form is Elastic Block Store.

11. What are the storage class available in Amazon s3 ?
Answer :- four type of storage class available in s3
        1. Amazon S3 Standard
        2. Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access
        3. Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage
        4. Amazon Glacier

12. What type of  Authentication in AWS?
Answer :- according to hostingride three authentication.

       1. Username / Password
       2. Access Key (.pem)
       3. Access Key / Session Token.

13. What are the various layers of the cloud architecture ?
Answer :-  There are five type of layers.

        SC - (Storage Controller)
        CLC- (Cloud Controller)
        NC- (Node Controller)
        CC- (Cluster Controller)

14. What is s3 ?
Answer :- S3 full form (Simple Storage Service). S3 used interface to store and retrieve amount of data, at any time and from anywhere on the web.  

15. What is SES, SQS and SNS?
Answer :-     SES - Simple Email Service.
SQS - Simple Queue Service.
                   SNS - Simple notification service.

16. What is IaaS ?
Answer :-  IaaS cloud services using cloud computing, everyone have different work .
IaaS is a cloud service that runs services on “pay/for/what/we/use” basis
IaaS workers include Amazon Web Services and
azure services also Google Compute Engine.

17. What is PaaS or SaaS ?
Answer :- PaaS runs cloud platforms and runtime environments to develop, test or manage softwares.

In SaaS cloud workers host and manage the softwares application on a pay-as-we-go pricing models.

18. How to write Cronjob in AWS ?
Answer :- Click Here to more about How to set Cronjob in aws.

19. How many bucket by default create in aws ?
Answer :- 100 buckets by default can be created.

20. What are different AWS certifications ?
Answer :- There are four type of AWS certification.
    AWS Certified Solutions Architect—associate
    AWS Certified Developer—associate.
    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator—associate.
    AWS Certified Solutions Architect—professional.


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